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Sr Indigenous Real Estate Coordinator

Date: Mar 13, 2023

Location: Markham, ON, CA

Company: Hydro One Networks Inc

46528 - Markham - Regular - Ongoing 

Safety Comes First is a core value at Hydro One, and we remain committed to taking every reasonable precaution to ensure a respectful, safe and healthy working environment. Further to this commitment, we have adopted a COVID-19 Vaccination Policy to protect the health of our employees from the hazard of COVID-19. New employees will be required to declare their vaccination status to Hydro One. Employees who do not provide proof of vaccination status may not enter any 3rd party locations that require full vaccination (e.g. customer properties).

Hydro One is proud to be the largest electricity transmission and distribution provider in Ontario, serving nearly 1.5 million customers. We have a long history in the industry with our roots dating back over 110 years to 1906. Since then, we have worked to grow and evolve to meet the changing needs of our customers and communities across Ontario. Today, we’re focused on providing exceptional customer service and ensuring we are building safe communities where we live, work and play.

It’s an exciting time to join the team at Hydro One!

*NOTE* Hydro One introduced a Hybrid Work Pilot Project in 2022 for most office-based roles. Employees work in-office/on-site two days a week and remotely from home for three days a week. Hydro One is adding refreshed workspaces and technology to support these changes.  Join us as we ‘trial & learn’ a new modern way of working and be a key driver of future state!

In office but with intention – a time for team and trust building, collaboration, and socialization. Please reach out to us to learn more!


This position’s primary focus is on obtaining property tenure for all of Hydro One’s assets to ensure that Hydro One is able to operate and maintain its electrical system on reserve and addition to reserve  lands. The candidate will represent and manage Hydro One’s interest and assets on all First Nation lands, including sale and lease of property, acquisition of tenure and rights-of-way, preparation of valuation analysis recommendations specific to reserve lands and negotiation of tenure/protocol with First Nations.


Acquire real estate and property rights on First Nation reserve and addition to reserve lands and from landowners, grant new or renewal rights to third parties occupying owned or easement Company properties and dispose of property and real estate rights surplus to Company requirements. Maintain and renew existing land rights on First Nation reserve lands, by creating and maintaining relationships with each First Nation community, Ministry of Indigenous Affairs (IAO) and Indigenous Services Canada. Review and analyze market sales data, land use planning/site information and other relevant data to prepare appraisals, market value estimates and other real estate reports. Appraise, negotiate, approve and execute contracts and documents for a variety of real estate acquisition, management and disposal transactions within specified financial, signing authority, real estate and other policy limits. Establish clear negotiation options and strategies reflecting overall business objectives to effectively negotiate with First Nation communities, consultants, legal counsel and additional differing third parties. Establish and maintain necessary business relationships with internal and external client and customer groups, Indigenous Relations, Law Department, Ministry of Indigenous Affairs (IAO), Indigenous Services Canada, Department of Justice, and other key stakeholder representatives to ensure real estate acquisition, management and disposal strategies, options and activities meet key Company business objectives.


General Accountabilities:

  • 1Acquire real estate rights on reserve lands and other real estate interests: fee, easement or other real estate rights and interests from landowners; maintain or renew existing rights on reserve; grant new or renew existing rights (e.g. license, lease, easement, releases) to parties occupying owned or easement Company properties; respond to a broad range of internal and external customer inquiries relating to owned, easement lands, right of ways on reserve, and buildings facilities.
  • Market select land parcels for site specific or longitudinal occupations by third parties and dispose of surplus Company properties or lands required for public (e.g. provincial or municipal roadways) or other private interest purposes.
  • Review, collect and analyze market sales data, land code and land use planning/site information, survey, and other relevant data to prepare appraisals, market value estimates and other real estate reports.
  • Undertake multiple client negotiation activities with a variety of external parties (e.g. First Nations as well as their elected representatives, consultants, private owners, industrial, commercial and residential developers or their representatives, lawyers, Realtors, public sector and government agency parties).
  • Coordinate related acquisition, management, and disposal activities to meet Company business and operational needs while ensuring customer interests and concerns are identified and resolved.
  • Approve the final terms of settlement (within specified financial, signing authority, real estate and other related policy limits).
  • Includes reviewing and interpreting plans, drawings and surveys and negotiating, approving and executing all related contracts, administrative documents, authorizations etc.
  • Conduct research regarding legal, historic, economic, financial and political uses of land and rights related to various projects proposals; prepares reports, supporting data and recommendations; follows up to implement approved recommendations.
  • Establish clear transaction negotiation options and strategies reflecting overall business objectives to effectively negotiate with First Nations as well as their elected officials, consultants, and lawyers, as well as differing third party groups.
  • Requires coordinating and conducting well organized meetings and making effective presentations to third party groups, delivering logical, well-developed proposals accompanied by appropriate supporting materials, documents and legal agreements.
  • Requires attending, representing the Company or acting as a court witness at public meetings, forums, hearings, trials and other similar events.
  • Establish and maintain necessary business relationships with internal and external client and customer groups, Indigenous Relations, Law Department, Indigenous Services Canada, Department of Justice, Ministry of Indigenous Affairs (IAO), and other key stakeholder representatives to ensure real estate acquisition, management and disposal strategies, options and activities meet key Company business objectives, while responding to external customer needs and issues.
  • Coordinate the involvement of appropriate internal and external representatives to resolve issues or real estate transaction concerns.
  • Assist and influence internal stakeholders and external customers to develop mutually acceptable business and real estate alternatives.
  • Keep abreast of the changes in legislation, judicial precedent, real estate industry, technological or Company specific trends and developments that may impact on real estate acquisition, management and disposal activities through both internal and external contacts.
  • Provide real estate acquisition, taxation, management and disposal advice, guidance and information to various internal and external clients and parties, as required and appropriate.
  • Meet targeted business goals, timetables, delivery dates etc. established for acquisition, management, or disposal work programs.
  • Contribute to target setting activities (e.g. acquisition or refurbishment program deadlines, acquisition, facility management or other cost estimates, secondary land use revenue projections), coordinate and/or develop work plans to ensure targets are met and be directly accountable for meeting defined work program results.
  • Ensure all legislative, governmental and Company operational, environmental and all other relevant requirements are met in carrying out real estate acquisition, management or disposal activities.
  • Coordinate or arrange for services of independent fee appraisers, real estate brokers, land use planner, surveyors, real estate or other professionals in conjunction with the acquisition, management or disposal of Company real estate assets, in accordance with Supervisory direction and approval.
  • Prepare Terms of Reference for Supervisory approval and under Supervisory direction, negotiate compensation for approved services, execute related service documentation, provide general clarification or information to the professional on the work activities undertaken and reconcile final reports to original assignment Terms of Reference/Agreements and cost estimates.
  • Periodically supervise staff.
  • Allocate assignments according to job classification and check work progress and accuracy.
  • Instruct staff on work methods, procedures and implementation of changes.
  • Assist in the resolution of work problems and train new staff in job functions and responsibilities.
  • Coordinate or prepare a variety of real estate or business case related reports and estimates, budgets, documents or land use planning, marketing, development, disposal or other assessments, as well as negotiation or other strategies, as required.
  • Perform other duties as required.


Selection Criteria:


  • Requires a knowledge of the Indian Act, First Nation Land Management Act, Addition to Reserve Lands and Reserve Creation Act, Treaty/Land Claim process, Individual Agreements and Land Codes, real estate related to industrial, commercial, residential and rural real estate, appraisal, real estate property law, real estate management, land use planning, negotiating techniques, business administration, economics and marketing to develop and implement strategies related to the acquisition, management and disposal of properties; in the preparation of real estate or business case reports, estimates, assessments and in the delivery of proposals.
  • Requires a good knowledge of English to communicate effectively with internal and external clients, make presentations, prepare proposals and amend real estate and other legal agreements.
  • This knowledge is considered to be normally acquired through the completion of Grade XII plus 4 years' further concentrated study.



  • Requires experience with the processes and legislative requirements and policies involved in valuing and acquiring real estate interests on First Nation reserve and addition to reserve lands, valuation and acquiring fee and easement real estate interest on land, granting rights on owned or easement properties (e.g. licenses, leases, easements), selling properties, interpreting associated drawings, plans and surveys and preparing all associated documentation and legal agreements.
  • Requires experience in a real estate environment to understand the practical application of real estate valuation, legal and negotiating practices and procedures to acquire, manage and dispose of real estate assets and approve or reject real estate transactions (within specified financial real estate policy and other limits).
  • Requires experience in assessing real estate proposals, developing, and implementing effective transaction negotiation strategies and presenting proposals to external parties and coordinating real estate transactions from the initial proposal presentation phase, through negotiations to final documentation.
  • Requires experience in understanding the broad scope of Company operational, technical, and business requirements, history of land tenure rights transferred during demerger, and assessing these against external customer business needs and objectives.
  • Requires experience in time management to coordinate real estate work activities.
  • A period of over 8 years and up to and including 10 years is considered necessary to gain this experience.



At Hydro One we understand that the success and strength of our business rests with our people. When we develop their skills, we are investing in both their success and ours. To secure the best talent, we seek to create a workforce that reflects the diverse populations of the communities where we live and work and to create a culture based on safety, innovation and inclusiveness.


We are honoured to be recognized by Forbes in its list of Canada’s Best Employers for 2022.


Thank you for considering a career with Hydro One, we welcome applications from all qualified candidates. If you are having difficulty using our online application system and you need an accommodation due to a disability, please email Hydro One will provide reasonable accommodation for qualified individuals with disabilities in the job application process.


Please note this email is only for accommodation requests. Resumes sent to this email address will not be considered.


Deadline: March 27, 2023



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Job Segment: Real Estate, Realtor, Electrical, Sales, Engineering, Research