Outage Planning Coordinator

Date: Sep 15, 2023

Location: Orillia, ON, CA

Company: Hydro One Networks Inc


48073 - Regular - 


Representation: PWU 
Job code: 00179006
Pay information: Schedule 20 / Gr. 60
Salary range (bi-weekly): $3,227.53 - $4,266.73
Hours of work (per week): 35 hr 5day * 7hr 
Shift work: No
Number of positions:
Town/City: ​Orillia, Ontario​
























Job Description:

1. Communicate directly with Hydro One Transmission or Distribution customers and crews, critical/key  customers, media, government agencies and internal stakeholders, via phone, e-mail and fax in order to notify of upcoming planned interruptions. Investigate known interruption/defects and relate it to incidents/damages or to customer equipment utilizing various databases, web-based application or computer software programs. Such as, ORMS, InfoBase, DOM/TOM/NODS maps, Basic AutoCAD, RXViewer, ARCFM, WEBFG, and Connectivity Viewer.


2.Process and respond effectively to customer inquiries referred by Hydro One internal or external customers, CCC, LDCs, PUCs or MEAs to handle complaints associated with planned service disruptions. Determine the nature and significance of the problem, and as circumstances dictate, provide the necessary information and guidance, attempting to come to a mutually agreeable resolution, or refer to Supervisor, or other appropriate Provincial Lines personnel for action.

Provide information relative to customers which are "fed" off a circuit referencing appropriate resources (e.g. DOM/TOM/NOD maps, GIS ARCFM computerized data, ORMS, WEBFG, RXViewer, or connectivity Viewer etc.) where necessary.


3.Receive and input interruption requests from Lines, Construction, External Contractors, Operating Planning, Dx and Tx Operators or Station Mtce staff. Prioritize according to date, volume and importance of interruption. Review interruption requests for compliance with established procedures # timeframe, number of customers, etc. Review information to determine what customers are affected by planned

interruptions. Notify customers, media, government agencies and internal stakeholders accordingly.

Facilitate the Coordination between Lines, Construction, External Contractors, Operating Planning, and Station Maintenance staff to explore outage bundling opportunities on currently submitted Outage Requests. Bundling opportunities are reviewed with the use of ORMS and NOMS databases based on equipment outage requirements. Coordination is completed with communication via email, and phone.

Review outage details for critical thresholds which will require Superintendent approval . If required, summarize outage information and due diligence in minimizing of outage requirements via, bundling

opportunities, pre work, resource considerations. Request and retrieve outage approvals from respective Line of Business Superintendents. This is completed with a review of submitted Outage information from the Interruption Notice Form, as well as coordination with respective field staff via email and phone. Review Contractor Work Protection Forms from external Contractors requesting a Supporting Guarantee to be issued by Hydro One (Dx Lines or OGCC ) or a Hold Off requirement on Hydro One System Station Breakers and/or mid-feeder reclosers for work completion at customer station/equipment locations. Review GIS System drawings and Feeder Operating Diagrams to determine the exact work location and Hydro One feeder supplying that specific customer location. Confirm Hydro One equipment device for Supporting Guarantee isolation and determines LOB controlling authority. Facilitate the Contractor Work Protection Request by directing it to the local FBC (if PL controlled), or the create a NOMS slip (for Supporting Guarantee and/or Hold Off) for the OGCC OP Sector.


4.Provide input for the development of practices and procedures, improved processes, etc. in regard to the operation of Operating Planning Customer Notification, or Damage Claims. Identify discrepancies

or errors in operating system data and direct to appropriate personnel for corrective action.


5.Research requests for information required to process liability incident/damage claims. Investigate incidents involving power interruption, power quality (e.g. high/low voltage problems), disconnects, cut-outs, property damage and employee action and/or defects on the Transmission or Distribution system using available systems. Respond effectively to inquiries for information from internal departments to Hydro One on power interruptions, actions or defects on the Transmission or Distribution System. Receive, investigate and respond effectively to verbal and written outage inquiries from



6.Operate an on-line computer terminal (both intranet and internet) as required, to utilize databases related to system programs, stand alone applications or web based applications as required to: view,

record, update and report statistical information and other necessary details associated with Transmission and Distribution system planned interruptions work affecting customers. Monitor update, and extract

data, using computer applications or programs related to Outage Planning and Outage Management, mapping services, ARCFM, Basic AutoCAD, DOM/TOM/NOD maps, RXViewer, Connectivity Viewer, NMS or WEBFG, ensuring that accuracy and timeliness are maintained. Produce reports as

required/scheduled. Refer to Supervisor or designate for direction or resolution where response to corrective measures is unproductive.


7.Perform a variety of clerical/administrative tasks, including word processing and filing including check and maintain records associated with expense reports. Assist in the preparation of purchase and internal requisitions and maintain associated records. Maintain a variety of files and records and assist with the maintenance of corporate credit card activities including filing, updating, reconciliations and cancellations.


8.Perform other duties as required.


Selection Criteria:

  • Education: Requires a basic knowledge of electricity principles associated with clearances and line voltages to determine the nature of service interruptions. Requires knowledge of computer operation and data processing to utilize databases related to systems programs on an on-line computer terminal.
  • Requires a knowledge of English to facilitate verbal and written communication and respond effectively to inquiries, concerns and prepare reports. This knowledge is considered to be normally acquired either through the successful completion of Grade XII in a Secondary, Commercial or Technical School or by having the equivalent level of education.



  • Requires experience with electrical practices customer inquiries or complaints to provide advice and guidance and relay accurate information to appropriate personnel.
  • Requires anunderstanding of switch locations to notify customers, utilizing utility maps or computerized information systems.
  • Requires an understanding of the Work Protection Code and various Operating Agreements with Municipal Utilities.
  • Requires experience relevant to transmission stations, municipal utilities and customer service work to be familiar with technical terminology, equipment and materials to contacts involved and to schedules, in order to facilitate optimum service.
  • Requires with various information systems (e.g. databases, ORMS, CSS, InfoBAse, RXViewer, Basic AutoCAD and mapping systems. A period of up to three years is considered necessary to gain this experience


Hydro One employees, you can apply online via the Careers module in Success Factors. To access Success Factors, click on the Talent Management link in the Applications drop-down menu on the HydroNet site. Otherwise, if you do not have Hydro One computer access, forward your application to Careers@HydroOne.com. In the event you are experiencing difficulties applying to this job please visit myHR.


Deadline: October 2, 2023


Questions about the posting should be directed to the hiring manager. If you are selected for an interview or further evaluation and require special accommodations please speak with the hiring manager.


NOTE: An Employee who is the successful applicant to a vacancy that results in a move between the Hydro One companies (Hydro One Networks, Hydro One Telecom and Hydro One Remotes) will have his/her EI and CPP deductions restarted. If as a result of the restart of these deductions the employee over contributes to EI and/or CPP, the employee will be eligible for a refund of the over contribution through their personal income tax return. For further details, please contact the HR Support Centre.

Job Segment: Telecom, Telecommunications, Information Systems, AutoCAD, CAD, Technology, Engineering