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Transmission System Operator Trainee

Date: Mar 13, 2023

Location: Orillia, ON, CA

Company: Hydro One Networks Inc

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Safety Comes First is a core value at Hydro One, and we remain committed to taking every reasonable precaution to ensure a respectful, safe and healthy working environment. Further to this commitment, we have adopted a COVID-19 Vaccination Policy to protect the health of our employees from the hazard of COVID-19. New employees will be required to declare their vaccination status to Hydro One. Employees who do not provide proof of vaccination status may not enter any 3rd party locations that require full vaccination (e.g. customer properties).

Hydro One is proud to be the largest electricity transmission and distribution provider in Ontario, serving nearly 1.5 million customers. We have a long history in the industry with our roots dating back over 110 years to 1906. Since then, we have worked to grow and evolve to meet the changing needs of our customers and communities across Ontario. Today, we’re focused on providing exceptional customer service and ensuring we are building safe communities where we live, work and play.

It’s an exciting time to join the team at Hydro One!

*NOTE* Hydro One introduced a Hybrid Work Pilot Project in 2022 for most office-based roles. Employees work in-office/on-site two days a week and remotely from home for three days a week. Hydro One is adding refreshed workspaces and technology to support these changes.  Join us as we ‘trial & learn’ a new modern way of working and be a key driver of future state!

In office but with intention – a time for team and trust building, collaboration, and socialization. Please reach out to us to learn more!

Transmission System Operator Trainee
 Educational Requirements:

Requires the knowledge that is acquired by a post-secondary (3 year) electrical technologist diploma or OACETT electrical technologist accreditation or 2-year electrical technician diploma plus other relevant electrical system related experience/qualification/licenses/accreditations
The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) certification is a requirement to qualify as a Transmission System Operator.  Previously secured  NERC certification is condidered to be an asset.  Otherwise, successful candidates will be expected to obtain NERC certification as part of the Transmission System Operator Trainee Training Program.


General Accountabilities as a Transmission System Operator Trainee:

The Transmission System Operator Trainee position is a development classification that involves participating in the Hydro One Transmission System Operator Trainee Training Program during which you will:


•    Perform duties as necessary to successfully achieve, in stages as defined by the established training program, Transmission System Operator status.
•    Obtain your NERC certification as required.
•    Work in a both a daytime classroom environment and in a 12-hour, 24-7 rotating shift environment in the Control Room as required by the program.
•    Proactively participate in all learning opportunities.
General Accountabilities as a Transmission System Operator:

On a 24-hour, 7-Day a week basis:
•    Exercise full Transmitter operating duties to maintain the reliability of the Transmission System and related assets, as defined by NERC and other governing bodies. This includes but is not limited to the following:
•    Determine the Transmission capability that supports the reliable operation of the Transmission Operating area.
•    Operate or direct the operation of Transmission facilities in the Transmission Operating area.
•    Adjust Real Power, Reactive Power and Voltage to maintain reliability in the Transmission Operating Area.
•    Arrange for Interconnected Operations Services (IOS) from the Generator Operators (e.g. Voltage schedules and VAR demand schedules).
•    Develop Transmission System contingency plans.
•    Provide Total Transfer Capabilities, System Operating Limits and the methodology for calculating the available Transfer Capability for respective transmission paths.
•    Initiate manual block and rotational load shedding schedules as required.
•    Initiate emergency voltage reduction measures as required.
•    Initiate independent action to mitigate emergent conditions as required.
•    Assess the post event impact of and work with affected parties to establish control and restoration after the operation of the automated special protection systems.
•    Coordinate/perform routine and emergency switching procedures with large generating stations, interprovincial and international operating entities as required.
•    Respond to station security access alarms and initiate any necessary actions.
•    Monitor weather forecast impact on transmission system and notify stakeholders and service providers including recommending safe posture operating modes/recalling equipment.
•    Respond to Emergency Transmission Underground Cable locates as required.
•    Monitor transmission equipment auxiliary and protection systems for integrity and initiate actions to mitigate failures.
•    Work with the Integrated Telecom Management Center through the designated contacts to prioritize the provincial communications infrastructure as it relates to transmission operations.
•    Monitor and recommend priority of response to emergencies or incidents such as cyber-attacks, fires, spills, accidents, injuries, bomb threats, and implement emergency procedures as per the Emergency Preparedness Plan.
•    Integrate planned, unplanned and short notice outages into the daily outage program and provide final outage approval for all Transmission System assets as required.
•    Dispatch, direct/monitor personnel (e.g. switching agents, field crews) in the operation and response as required.
•    Administer the Utility Work Protection Code as required.
•    Maintain an operating log.
•    Input, monitor, update, verify, and extract data and provide input to reports using computer application programs, ensuring that accuracy and timeliness are maintained.
•    Refer more complex technical problems or issues associated with corporate policy, procedures or interpretation to supervisor/manager or support services as required.
•    Provide operational expertise to all departments as required.
•    Assist in the development of policies, procedures and operating agreements, improved processes, tools etc.
•    Identify problems, issues and opportunities for improvement/corrective action.
•    Assist stakeholders by contacting appropriate resource people with regards to system/equipment malfunctions.
•    Effectively respond to internal and external customers and stakeholders
•    Actively participate in investigations, enquiries and reviews as required.
•    Perform step-up into the Transmission System Operator Supervisor role as required.
•    When assigned, provide duties as assigned in the ‘mentoring program’. Volunteers will be sought prior to assigning employees.
•    Provide direction to, collaborate with and share knowledge and expertise with trainees to assist in their development independent of formal mentoring duties.
•    Provide input into the Transmission Operator Training programs as required.


In association with the Reliability Coordinator:
•    Assist the Reliability Coordinator in executing widespread System Restoration efforts.
•    Execute emergency procedures as directed by the Reliability Coordinator.
•    Execute restoration efforts of Transmission System elements.
•    Provide recommendation to and carry out requests from the Reliability Coordinator related to maintaining voltage and stability limits on the transmission system.
•    Assess impact on deployment instructions from the Reliability Coordinator.
•    Monitor transmission system operating limits and recommend actions to the Reliability Coordinator.
•    Define Total Transfer Capabilities and System Operating Limits based on facility information provided and assistance from the Reliability Coordinators.


In association with Distribution Operations:
•    Provide operation of or direct the operation of assets, as required, under the control of other jurisdictions.
•    In conjunction with Distribution Operators, restore connectivity to distribution assets resulting from power system events.
•    Assess the impact to the Transmission System by the deployment of Distribution elements.
•    Assess the impact to the Distribution System by the deployment of Transmission elements.
•    Determine condition and recommend on availability of equipment in associated with Distribution connections.
•    Perform other duties required for the safe, reliable and efficient operation of the Transmission System.


Selection Criteria
•    Requires the knowledge that is acquired by a post-secondary (3 year) electrical technologist diploma or OACETT electrical technologist accreditation or 2-year electrical technician diploma plus other relevant electrical system related experience/qualification/licenses/accreditations
•    Previous experience working in a Power System Operations control room environment is an advantage.

•    Previous NERC certification is condidered to be an asset.

•    Applicants require excellent interpersonal, communication and customer relation skills to interact effectively with co-workers, internal and external customers.
•    Applicants must demonstrate and maintain a professional demeanor which includes amongst other attributes, a willingness to embrace change, positivity, respectfulness, engagement and inclusivity.  

•    Requires demonstrated problem solving skills with an emphasis on thoroughness and attention to detail.

•    Must continue to maintain qualifications / certifications applicable to the Transmission System Operator Position

•    Requires computer skills to be able to utilize databases, input and extract data and produce reports on an on-line computer terminal as well as operate network system programs as required to record, update and report statistical information ensuring that accuracy and timeliness are maintained.
Candidates will be assessed, and a determination made whether they are qualified for a Transmission System Operator. Trainees will be selected under the provisions of Article 10.5 – Non-Supervisory Positions:  Other Positions 
Selected Candidates will be required to participate in the Transmission System Operator training program. There is a requirement for all Hydro One Transmission System Operator staff to execute accountabilities on and off shift in all positions of the Transmission System Operator functions as well as participate in training to further staff development and support business strategy and objectives. 
The specific start date for this position is TBD – projected to be spring of 2022
Hydro One Employees please apply using the Talent Management System
Questions about the job should be directed to:

Tim Shannon
Senior Manager - Transmission Operations    
Integrated System Operating Centre
705-241-5568  (


At Hydro One we understand that the success and strength of our business rests with our people. When we develop their skills, we are investing in both their success and ours. To secure the best talent, we seek to create a workforce that reflects the diverse populations of the communities where we live and work and to create a culture based on safety, innovation and inclusiveness.


We are honoured to be recognized by Forbes in its list of Canada’s Best Employers for 2022.


Thank you for considering a career with Hydro One, we welcome applications from all qualified candidates. If you are having difficulty using our online application system and you need an accommodation due to a disability, please email Hydro One will provide reasonable accommodation for qualified individuals with disabilities in the job application process.


Please note this email is only for accommodation requests. Resumes sent to this email address will not be considered.


Deadline: March 27, 2023



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