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Distribution Superintendent - Central Region

Date: Jul 16, 2021

Location: To Be Determined, ON, CA

Company: Hydro One Networks Inc

43060 - To Be Determined - Regular - Ongoing 


Hydro One is proud to be the largest electricity transmission and distribution provider in Ontario, serving nearly  1.4 million customers. We have a long history in the industry with our roots dating back over 110 years to 1906. Since then, we have worked to grow and evolve to meet the changing needs of our customers and communities across Ontario. Today, we’re focused on providing exceptional customer service and ensuring we are building safe communities where we live, work and play.

It’s an exciting time to join the team at Hydro One!



Specific Accountabilities:

Through collateral relationships with respect to the staff of the Manager, Work Management and Deployment,  DX Lines and Forestry, and within context provided by the Director, DX Lines (i.e., Hydro One and Network Services strategies and policies,accountabilities, tasks, budget and programs, compliance, performance targets, expectations for continuous improvement, etc.) provide the following:


  • Direct Output Support to the Director - DX Lines

  • Develop and define 1-5 year resourcing requirements for a defined "Region" and manage the mix of internal and external  resources with respect to labour agreements;

  • Manage a multi- disciplined workforce to meet the resourcing requirements of the assigned work program as agreed upon with Work Management and Deployment.

  • Ensure the workforce is mobile and negotiate the requirements of contractual agreements

  • Manage the allocated portion of the overall DX Lines work program,  assigned to the defined "Region". 

  • Ensure it is coordinated and completed in an efficient and timely manner, adjust program as required .

  • Execute program to improve efficiencies and use funds appropriately.

  • Manage and effect changes in labour relations to drive a more competitive environment; manage relationship with unions to ensure business goals and contracts are economically met and to achieve a competitive position in the internal and external competitive marketplace.

  • Manage and effect change in  employee health and safety performance including execution of a rehabilitation strategy;

  • Manage and ensure that appropriate training programs for all staff are identified, implemented and accessible, including assessing the workforce capability required to do the work;  linking with Work Methods and Training to acquire the training needed

  • Develop and establish systems to meet due diligence requirements and to ensure competitiveness of the workforce

  • Manage and effect change in the execution  of the Hydro One Customer Strategy

  • Collaborate with peers to support the DX Lines business in driving change, improving relationships, and gaining efficiencies.

  • Direct Output/Delegated Direct Output

  • Define internal and external customer needs, ensuring fulfillment of the assigned programs and establishing the right parameters for subordinates to fulfill customer requirements; -  assist in sales and marketing outreach, develop customer relationships and monitor customer satisfaction; manage relations with internal/external customers to ensure that contract commitments are successfully met;

  • Manage the Hydro One Customer Strategy to ensure continuous compliance and monitor for continuous improvement; ensuring appropriate implementation and effecting change in our customer strategy to recognize changes in customer expectations.

  • Manage relations with the Municipalities (mayors, economic development committees, road authorities, and other agents of the municipality) that fall within the defined "Region"

  • Manage relations with the developers and contractors that construct within the defined "Region"

  • Oversee the multi-discipline work crew within Distribution lines who implement the, maintenance, construction and restoration processes

  • Monitor Area Distribution Engineering / Metering Technicians, Coordinating and Field Clerical groups who support the maintenance, construction and restoration processes of Distribution lines.

  • Monitor business support organization to ensure compliance to business processes and support data requirements of business (Finance and Quality Assurance); ensure that all service quality indices are met by subordinate staff.

  • Respond to trouble calls and direct emergency response within the defined Region and maintain customer relationships; Support trouble response initiatives by providing resources to assist in restoration efforts on a provincial basis.

  • Determine when additional staff must be drawn from the variable workforce to fulfill a work requirement.

  • Minimize the risk of exposure and injury to the public resulting from the undertaken work; 

  • Provide and maintain systems and infrastructure necessary to sustain the business; 

  • Provide necessary equipment, material and information to carry out contract;

  • Have appropriate managed systems in place to meet all due diligence requirements and to ensure effective management of the business.


Managerial Accountabilities:

  • Manage the portfolio and achieve the approved programs and results

  • Set the appropriate context for subordinate Customer Operations Manager and Coordinators (i.e., Hydro One and Dx Lines strategies and policies, accountabilities, tasks, budget and programs, compliance and performance targets, expectations for continuous improvement, etc.).

  • Set an effective framework of policies and procedures for the work of the portfolio. 

  • Know and ensure own and subordinates' compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements, and all corporate policies and procedures, and generally accepted practices relating to the work of the businesses.

  • Establish a two-way working relationship with subordinates to solicit their views on conditions and potential changes affecting their work, and continuous improvement opportunities.

  • Provide and maintain systems and infrastructure necessary to sustain the business.

  • Maintaining a team of subordinates who are capable of producing the outputs required:

  • Ensure subordinates are able and willing to produce the desired outputs, and that subordinate Front Line Managers and Coordinators continually improve the processes for achieving outputs.

  • Assess staff capability to do the required work, now and in the future.

  • Ensure development of staff to maintain and improve skills.

  • Conduct personal effectiveness reviews of subordinate Customer Operation Managers and Coordinators to build relationships and trust, and to improve effectiveness.

  • Mentor and counsel subordinates

  • Establish a two-way working relationship with subordinates tsolicit their views on conditions and potential changes affecting their work and continuous improvement opportunities.

  • Providing leadership to subordinates, so that they collaborate competently, and with full commitment, with each other in pursuing the goals set.

  • Translate the Dx Lines goals and objectives into a direction which guides the operation of the business.

  • Communicate that direction to all staff.

  • Define specific tasks for subordinates which are required to achieve desired results and/or to accommodate changes required within the business operations.

  • Communicate expectations regarding the collateral relationship among subordinate Customer Operations Managers and Coordinators.

  • Providing a safe and healthy work environment.

  • Support corporate Health and Safety initiatives including the development and implementation of new programs

  • Provide subordinates with appropriate knowledge, skills, information, work procedures and equipment to facilitate responsible behaviour which will protect their safety and contribute to their health.

  • Provide a work environment and facilities where health and safety incidents are minimized and employees contribute without the fear of reprisals.

  • Provide a work environment that supports and values diversity, and is free from harassment.

  • Know and ensure subordinates comply with all legal and regulatory requirements, corporate policies and procedures, and generally accepted practices relating to their work.


Essential Knowledge:

Selection Criteria:

  • Requires 8-10 years related experience with demonstrated progressive supervisory experience or equivalent.

  • Requires knowledge of electrical and mechanical theory.

  • Requires knowledge of business administration to develop and monitor the budget and to provide costing estimates and specifications on a variety of projects.

  • Requires a good knowledge of English for effective communication with staff and the preparation of reports.

  • Requires experience with all facets of the electrical and mechanical maintenance disciplines, building trades, different work methods, safety practices, etc., in order to apply theories into practice and to be familiar with common problems. 

  • Requires experience to be familiar with techniques, technology, practices and procedures as well as inter-relationships with internal and external groups. 

  • Requires experience to be familiar with the administrative aspects of the work involving the development of training programs planning, scheduling, and organizing of work and methods and the managerial and supervisory aspects of the job.


Demonstrated Management Skills:

  • Achievement Motivation – concern for working well or for competing against a standard of excellence.

  • Client-Service Orientation – desire to help or serve others, to meet their needs.

  • Developing Others – take action to foster the long-term learning or development of others.

  • Impact and Influence – able to persuade, convince, influence or impress others.

  • Strategic Business Thinking - ability to apply their technical knowledge and experience to making management decisions for achieving business objectives.

  • Team Leadership – ability to take a role as leader of a team or other group.

  • Team Work – able to work with others as part of a team, as opposed to working separately or competitively.

At Hydro One we understand that the success and strength of our business rests with our people. When we develop their skills, we are investing in both their success and ours. To secure the best talent, we seek to create a workforce that reflects the diverse populations of the communities where we live and work and to create a culture based on safety, innovation and inclusiveness.


We are honoured to be recognized by Forbes in its list of Canada’s Best Employers for 2020.


Thank you for considering a career with Hydro One, we welcome applications from all qualified candidates. If you are having difficulty using our online application system and you need an accommodation due to a disability, please email careers@hydroone.com. Hydro One will provide reasonable accommodation for qualified individuals with disabilities in the job application process.


Please note this email is only for accommodation requests. Resumes sent to this email address will not be considered.


Deadline: August 2, 2021



In the event you are experiencing difficulties applying to this job please consult our help page here.

Job Segment: Distribution, Construction, Electrical, Engineer, Clerical, Operations, Engineering, Administrative