IT/OT Compliance Co-Op

Date: Sep 15, 2023

Location: Toronto, ON, CA

Company: Hydro One Networks Inc


47446 - Temporary - 12 months


Representation: PWU 
Job code: 00118007
Pay information: Schedule 86 / Gr. 32
Salary range (hourly): $1,817.05 - $2,807.77
Hours of work (per week): 35 hr 5day * 7hr 
Shift work: No
Number of positions:
Town/City: ​Toronto, Ontario​
Jurisdiction: Non-Supervisory (Clerical/Technical)


You will be a member of NERC CIP Compliance Sustainment team, where you will:

  •  Join a diverse team of experienced Cyber and Physical Security practitioners, who provide expertise on NERC-CIP (North American Reliability Corporation - Critical Infrastructure Protection) standards compliance for multiple Lines of Business (LOB). 

  •  Assist in translating NERC CIP standard requirements into business actions for IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operation Technology) systems.

  •  Organize compliance evidence and compliance repositories to ensure Hydro One is ready for audits and internal compliance reviews.

  •  Work with different cyber security technologies and ensure these technologies are supporting the business in their regulatory obligations to meet NERC CIP standards.

  •  Advise the Compliance Sustainment team and processes stakeholders in creating non-compliance reports and remediation actions. Follow up on actions to ensure remediation items are completed within the deadlines.

  •  Review and update Business Process Documents which map Hydro One's internal CIP compliance processes.

  •  Develop presentations an training to assist internal stakeholders, corporate and operations staff in their understanding of the CIP compliance processes.

  •  Participate in development and maintenance of IT, OT and Physical Security Policies and procedures.


 This job will provide you with the following professional development:

  • Apply academic knowledge and skills in securing critical infrastructure such the bulk electric system.

  • Become familiar with executing cyber and physical security program activities.

  • Interact with different Lines of Business within Hydro One and understand how their work can impact the reliability of the grid.

  • Gain experience in document organization, evidence retention, and the latest requirements of security for electrical utilities.



Selection Criteria:

Discipline: Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Cyber Security

Academic Level: Undergraduate in 3rd year or higher.


The following knowledge is essential in order to perform in this position:

  • Computer Skills (Microsoft Office – Word, Excel and PowerPoint)

  • Strong organizational and communication skills.


The following knowledge and experience is desirable to perform in this position:

  • Prior work experience in and familiarity with the utility industry.

  • An understanding of Information Security principles and processes.

  • Knowledge of the NERC CIP Standards or the NIST Cybersecurity framework.

  • Understanding of regulatory standards and auditing process.


Hydro One employees, you can apply online via the Careers module in Success Factors. To access Success Factors, click on the Talent Management link in the Applications drop-down menu on the HydroNet site. Otherwise, if you do not have Hydro One computer access, forward your application to In the event you are experiencing difficulties applying to this job please visit myHR.





Questions about the posting should be directed to the hiring manager. If you are selected for an interview or further evaluation and require special accommodations please speak with the hiring manager.


Hiring Manager/Interviewer:

Wagner de Freitas Ciarelli  


NOTE: An Employee who is the successful applicant to a vacancy that results in a move between the Hydro One companies (Hydro One Networks, Hydro One Telecom and Hydro One Remotes) will have his/her EI and CPP deductions restarted. If as a result of the restart of these deductions the employee over contributes to EI and/or CPP, the employee will be eligible for a refund of the over contribution through their personal income tax return. For further details, please contact the HR Support Centre.

Job Segment: Compliance, Cyber Security, Computer Science, Telecom, Telecommunications, Legal, Security, Technology